As we are all aware, the current environment of funding for healthcare services in the United States is in turmoil, and the prospects for increased stability do not appear to be imminent. At the same time, community-based organizations and program managers have come under increasing pressure to improve service delivery while containing escalating costs. In response, Futures has developed a Systems Analysis Service to help organizations deal more effectively with these conflicting goals. This program is designed to be a comprehensive review and analysis of clinical programs in a community based delivery system. This comprehensive analysis may entail the following activities:

  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of clinical programs and of the delivery system relative to those programs
  • A qualitative review of expected performance based on regulatory specifications, organizational standards, and professional guidelines
  • An evaluation of individual and team interaction within the environment
  • The identification of specific efficiencies and/or inefficiencies
  • A financial review of costs relative to current programming as well as to a potential redesign process
  • An evaluation of overall program effectiveness
  • Identification of current and proposed outcomes

The information produced through this analysis will provide the management tools necessary to make informed clinical, programmatic, and fiscal decisions in order to improve overall service delivery.