Addi's Moroccan Mint Tea

Addi's Moroccan Mint Tea3 teaspoons Gunpowder tea
1 bunch fresh mint (use dried mint if fresh is not available)
3 tablespoons sugar

The recipe should be made slowly with great care. Boil water. Add tea herb in the teapot. Pour a small amount of boiled water in teapot to rinse the tea. Discard water from the tea. Add sugar in the teapot, fill teapot with boiling water (leaving an inch or so at the top), and bring to a boil again on a very, very low fire for about a minute. Turn the fire off, add the bunch of mint to the teapot, and let it brew while the pot is covered for about 5 minutes. The tea can be poured back and forth between a tea glass and the tea pot numerous times to blend the ingredients. Give the tea another five minutes. Taste the tea and add sugar if needed. Pour tea into small tea glasses at a high elevation so that there is foam at the top of each tea glass. That's the Moroccan way! Garnish each tea glass with a sprig of mint if desired. Serve hot preferably with some cookies or biscuits. Enjoy!

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