Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons12 Meyer lemons
More lemons for juicing
Kosher salt

This recipe takes some time before it is ready to use but it is worth the effort. Preserved lemons are one of the secrets to Moroccan cooking and can be added to any dish. Wash and dry lemons. Cut through each lemon so it is quartered, but still attached at the bottom about one-quarter way through the fruit. Fill each lemon with as much salt as it will hold. Stuff the lemons in a wide-mouth quart glass jar. Compress them until there is no space left and lemon juice has risen to the top. The lemons must be covered by juice to attain a safely preserved quality. If they are not fully submerged in lemon juice, juice a few lemons to add to the juices already in the jar. Seal and set aside at room temperature for two weeks. Refrigerate. Lemons can be used when rinds are tender, about 4-6 weeks. Properly preserved lemons can keep in a tightly closed container up to a year in the refrigerator.

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